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Smart Birth with Smartphone

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“Kid Is Here” is a mobile application (app) that uses the smartphone’s built-in accelerometer and gyroscope to automatically monitor, record and analyze patterns of labour contractions of the expectant mother. It informs the expectant mother when to go to maternity care; send reports to the health care provider for data-driven delivery measures and teaches new parents what to expect after childbirth.


Am I in labour? The question every mother-to-be asks herself as the pregnancy draws close and the body starts to give out many signals as it prepares for childbirth. Regular uterine contractions are one of the key indicators of the onset of labour. However, it can be tricky for expectant mothers to differentiate between Braxton Hicks (false labour); Preterm contractions; early contractions; and the true active labour contractions. They are often overwhelmed and anxious and likely to end up at the hospitals either too early or too late!

Kid Is Here app is fully automated so it even works when the expectant mother is asleep! The app signals the expectant mother the right time to go to the birth centre or hospital and sends the reports to the maternity care provider. After the childbirth, the app offers postpartum support to new mothers during the critical recovery phase which helps minimize the risk of complications that may go unnoticed.

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Our Team

Pui Kee Yu (Alky) – Chief Executive Officer at CorrBlock

Oghenewaire Juliet Adjogbe
Chief Executive Officer

Oghenewaire is a dedicated and patient-focused Registered Nurse and Registered Midwife in Nigeria. She has worked in the Accident & Emergency Department in the Grace Clinic & Maternity Ward, in 2010 serving a diverse clientele in rural and urban communities in Delta, Nigeria. Oghenewaire further solidified her knowledge of the world of midwifery and extended her maternity care expertise by acquiring the certification in Reproductive Health from the School of Health Technology in 2012 and the Occupational Health and Industrial Medical Practice certification through University College Hospital in 2016.

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